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The Aros Kitty

Eric Schwartz the famous Amiga animator once made a mascot for the open source operating system AROS. His drawings has amazed me ever sine I saw them years ago on my Amiga 500. Many have asked me to draw one picture of his creation but I never really dared to try because as an artist myself I have huge respect for his (others) work. I finally gave in and here’s a sketch of mine interpretation of the AROS kitty. I don’t know if I will finish this one but I gave it a go at least ūüôā


Check out Eric Schwartz work :

What is AROS ? or

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New tablet & Resistance logo

This is something I’m working on right now. A logo for¬†

¬†I’m wrestling GIMP to get this one done. I also got myself a new tablet, a Wacom tablet this time. The Aiptek tablet I have is good but not good enough. It’s not responsive enough in certain applications. Probably the drivers fault but what can I do? The Wacom¬†tablet¬†works best so far.


 ResistanceFire  Resistance2

So many possibilities so little time ūüôā

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Happy New Year 2011

Last year finally introduced me to Inkscape, which I was aware of but never really got into. Thanks to AROS and AmiFIG i got interested in vector graphics again. I’m really a pen and paper guy and using digital art should be more of my focus than it is really. It’s of importance¬†because it opens up a new world and much more¬†possibilities.¬†¬†So my plan for 2011 is hereby ready.

Here’s two recent projects. It’s banners for webpages this time.

ArosWorldORG CommodoreAmigaORG_small

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Inkscape – Getting acquainted

Tried it many times never got into it. But suddently after playing around with AmiFIG (see belov) i got interested in Inkscape again. So what to do ? Why not an own Icon-set for AmiFig !

Here’s the result :


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Drawing a duck

Playing around with Open source “AMIGA” = AROS¬†and one of it’s painting programs AmiFIG.¬†Sketching was done in LunaPaint.¬†

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Another Inkscape logo/icon

pslogo-1A logo I made for a friend of mine for his Facebook group. Amiga and Playstation logos combined.

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The main character of my next animation

BanditSo I have a main idea of what my animation will be. Nothing in detail yet. I needed to have the main character outlined in order to take my ideas further.

¬†So this is how he looks. A bandit, yes you guessed it. So he’s probably going to rob something. I don’t have the whole picture myself yet either. I need to get somekind of storyboard done next.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to do the actual animating. Will I use my tablet or is it going to be pen and paper and my scanner. I get quite well along with my tablet but pen & paper still feels better. Time will tell.

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09 passed, approaching 10…


A new year feels like a new beginning. What could I be up to in 2010 ? I’m not sure but I would love to draw a lot more than I have done in past years. I thought about starting a new animation project, and now I need a good idea. I want it to be meaningful maybe a bit fun. And I have found a program (Pro Motion) that could do the job for me.

If you have worked with animations and Deluxe Paint in the past then check out the Windows version of Pro Motion .¬†I’m sure it will be up to the job..

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