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Blender Render

8:31 pm

After doing some 2D animation with Pencil 2D I thought it would be nice to switch to something completely different. I have been pushing this Blender 3D thing ahead of me for a long time now. I have acquainted myself with Blender 3D earlier but that’s quite long ago and a few new versions have appeared since then. It’s by the way a quite demanding piece of software so you need to really dive into it once you get started. What would be better than to start off with a few tutorials that can be found on the internet, just like I did last time. Many tutorials out there done by some very talented people who are willing to share their know-how.

Here’s my results following the tutorial.


Tutorial can be found here.

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Drawing is a hobby I have and I find it interesting to draw both the traditional way or with software on a computer and learn new things on the way.
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