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I got interested in testing Sketchbook Pro with a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and I must say I liked it a lot. Very nice overall feeling when drawing. The only thing I noticed “again” is that the Samsung gets all the colors a bit off compared to what it looks like on the computer screen. I wonder why, now I have to find out if there’s a way to adjust the color tone on the Samsung so it’s closer to what I get when I look at it at the PC.

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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year. Learnt a few things this year as well, maybe this year I’ll buy a tablet computer to draw on, so I can draw digitally directly on screen. The MS Surface Pro 4 looks promising. I consider Wacom to bee too pricey at least at the moment. We’ll see. The main thing is whatever tool you use it comes down to commitment in the end, and I know it would be easier to be more productive with a Surface Pro 4 but it doesn’t mean I will have more time to put into this hobby and that I will be more productive, so. I look at my traditional tablet and I think: “-I’m ok with that one too.”

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Pointing finger

I’ve had time and inspiration to play around with the open source animation application – Pencil 2D. The usual way I do it is that I just start drawing sketch after sketch not giving many minutes to decide wether I press delete or keep. This one passed the delete button, so I decided to give it some coloring and a final touch.

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The Great Pink Pig Ride

These times of the year is usually busy for me, Therefore I don’t have that much time practicing my hobbies. This image was needed for an event that we arranged for a close relative. The image was drawn on the tablet computer i mentioned in earlier posts.

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Full speed ahead

Because I just got one year older I hereby present my vision for the future. At some point getting older it gets tougher to move around so what would be better than trying out the next big thing: remote controlled slippers. 🙂


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More painting with Krita

It’s been a wile since I have had time to look at Krita but I had this character which I drew with Pencil2D that I wanted to put some colors on so since Krita is more up to the task than Pencil2D I decided to take some time to learn using Krita again. This is my result, very basic coloring but as soon as I have time I’ll try to work some more with coloring and Krita there’s so much in Krita to explore and I have so much to learn about using colors.

Sad Man

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Angry Pig with Pencil2D

Angry Pig made with Pencil2D

Angry Pig

I haven’t tried Pencil2D for some months so just now I had some extra time to kill but my inspiration wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I ended up with this angry pig. I can’t blame Pencil2D in any way. I still think it’s a great tool to draw with and to animate with the traditional way.

I don’t know why but with Pencil2D it’s like my Wacom tablet works even better than with other paint programs. Maybe it’s my imagination? No, really you should try it yourself, it’s just so fluent to paint with. I also noticed there is a new version in the works, that sounds good since the most current working version is amost a year old now. Let’s hope development speeds up because this progam has so much to give.

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Profile sketch / Galaxy Note Pro

I had recently the opportunity to test a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro where I work. I didn’t have any high expectations because I have a cheaper Galaxy Tablet at home, on the other hand the Galaxy I own is two years old and it’s not the Note model so I was a bit unsure about how good the Galaxy Note would behave with a pen and how good the pressure sensitivity is and so on. After a quick sketch I must admit I was impressed. I expected the Samsung to be a bit sluggish and I imagined it wouldn’t be able to follow my pen movements when sketching really fast, however I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was very fluent and the Samsung comes with an application called SketchBook which was really good and has quite a lot of features. SketchBook is free so there’s already a shortcut to the application on the Tablet when you buy it, but you are required to connect your Galaxy to the internet and download it before you can start to use it.

As I said SketchBook has quite a lot of features built in and if you think it lacks something you could just save your image to your Google drive and pick it up on your desktop computer where you could run Krita or something similar to finish for example the coloring. Regarding the coloring my picture had smoother and less saturated colors on the tablet than it had on my computer screen so there’s a little worrying with the color mismatch. Maybe it’s something that can be set on the tablet, I havent looked into it yet. Also I didn’t have a color calibrated computer monitor either to test with so maybe if you look for help on the internet there’s a way to make this less disturbing. Now the biggest problem is I’d want one at home too, and I haven’t budgeted for one. 🙂


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