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Soccer ball in Blender


Here’s a recent project, A Soccer ball I made in Blender. I found a good tutorial (link) on how to produce the ball but I wasn’t pleased with just the ball so I thought I would try to fit a club logo onto it also. That was a bit of a challenge because I haven’t used Blender 3D in over a year now and I tend to forget the inner workings of the program. Well I solved it somehow and I even got a nice bump map added to the ball and logo. It’s good for now I could probably do better but mission accomplished so far, and I’ll think I will have use of the ball for an upcoming project.

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First baby steps with Krita

I finally took time to download the latest version of painting program called Krita, I’ve had a look at it before but due to lack of time I never tested it more thoroughly. I must say it’s gets a full 5 stars out of 5 from me so far. Sure there’s lot’s to get used to and I need to map the shortcut keys to my liking before I’m really satisfied. However I quickly noticed this is a program I’ve been missing out on and I will most likely continue to test it with a project of mine when time comes.

It works great with my Bamboo tablet, and I can only imagine how cool this software would be with a Cintiq drawing table where you can draw directly on the screen. I really need to get a Cintiq at some point. It’s a pity they’re so expensive.

My rough pencil test, just for fun.


You can find Krita here:

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Drawing the grave robber

Here’s a few videos made by me while testing out a piece of software on the Aros operating system. Scanned an image that I sketched on paper first. The program ZuneFig is not bitmap graphics, it’s a vector graphics application so getting fluent lines is quite easy. With the sketch loaded as a backdrop on the drawing screen I could work faster.

ZuneFig also has anti-aliasing so the final result you can get from the application is really good. The videos are not real-time they are speed-ed up otherwise it would just take too long to be interesting.

First drawing black contours around the sketch

Last stage was adding colors and shading

Go to my Digital Art Gallery to to see the final result.

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Animating with Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is open source and it has existed for quite a while but development stopped. Luckily a new effort to revive Pencil 2D was made and many updated versions has emerged since. Pencil 2D has a very nice feature that makes zooming in/out or scrolling left/right quite easy. Have a look at this piece of software if you are thinking about animating. Here’s a few videos from a couple of test projects I made with Pencil 2D.

More samples from me:

Links: Pencil 2D webpage

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Animation – Flying Letters

This one is an oldie. Amiga had a program like Blender not as advanced of course we are talking about 1993 – 95 here but it could do good stuff for you. The only drawback was it took ages to render so I was forced to keep it simple.

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Blender Render

After doing some 2D animation with Pencil 2D I thought it would be nice to switch to something completely different. I have been pushing this Blender 3D thing ahead of me for a long time now. I have acquainted myself with Blender 3D earlier but that’s quite long ago and a few new versions have appeared since then. It’s by the way a quite demanding piece of software so you need to really dive into it once you get started. What would be better than to start off with a few tutorials that can be found on the internet, just like I did last time. Many tutorials out there done by some very talented people who are willing to share their know-how.

Here’s my results following the tutorial.


Tutorial can be found here.

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Animation from the past

So I was a beginner when I first did this animation. Luckily I had the greatest computer around at the time, my Amiga 1200. It could easily do things you’d normally need a huge investment for. Thanks to that machine and the Deluxe Paint software I started my first baby steps towards animating.

This was done in 1996, drew it on paper and scanned into Deluxe Paint so I could color it and build the animation. The animation was used with a local TV broadcast station to advertise an yearly event that involved old cars competing with each other.

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Aros-Exec 10 years today








The most lively community site for AROS, turned 10 years today. As a binary birthday gift I made this collage. Aros is an alternative operating system like Linux is but it’s not based upon Linux. It’s roots are from Amiga infact a complete rewrite of Amiga OS but for the x86 architecture.


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