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First baby steps with Krita

4:38 pm

I finally took time to download the latest version of painting program called Krita, I’ve had a look at it before but due to lack of time I never tested it more thoroughly. I must say it’s gets a full 5 stars out of 5 from me so far. Sure there’s lot’s to get used to and I need to map the shortcut keys to my liking before I’m really satisfied. However I quickly noticed this is a program I’ve been missing out on and I will most likely continue to test it with a project of mine when time comes.

It works great with my Bamboo tablet, and I can only imagine how cool this software would be with a Cintiq drawing table where you can draw directly on the screen. I really need to get a Cintiq at some point. It’s a pity they’re so expensive.

My rough pencil test, just for fun.


You can find Krita here:

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Drawing is a hobby I have and I find it interesting to draw both the traditional way or with software on a computer and learn new things on the way.
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